Welcome to St. Vincent de Paul Parish, which serves Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. When first established, our Church was on the fringe of the city, but for 137 years both Chicago and our parish have grown tremendously.

“We must love our neighbor as being made in
the image of God and as an object of His love.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

 From the Pastor

Do you ever feel that your hard work is not appreciated? Do you get a sense that you are misunderstood or disparaged? It is frustrating when others do not appear to support what we deem as important. Our Gospel today tells us about Jesus being ridiculed by the people in his hometown. Just as they were amazed at him, they quickly turned and began to belittle him. Who does he think he is? We know all about him, what could he teach us?

How did Jesus react to them? He went away to continue his mission of bringing the message of God’s mercy and salvation to all people. While he may have been saddened by their lack of faith, Jesus did not let that deter him from continuing the mission.

How could he do that? Often when we are disappointed or hurt by others, especially those that we love dearly, we often turn in on ourselves and withdraw. We may in turn try to belittle or hurt the person that hurt us. But Jesus did not do this; he did not call down fire from heaven to destroy the town and those who belittled him. He had faith that God was with him, just as God was with the prophet Jeremiah in our first reading: “They will fight against you, but not prevail over you, for I am with you to deliver you.” Jesus had a confidence that God walked with him at every moment, so that even when mocked and attacked – and even crucified – his trust that God was present allowed him to continue forward.

We are invited to have this same trust and confidence in God’s loving presence. Even when we feel small, even when we feel lost, God is there. Especially when we feel small or lost, God is there. This was something that Jeremiah and Jesus believed, even when their mission was difficult. St. Vincent de Paul and countless other saints and holy people have relied on this same trust. Although it may be challenging to find God in despair, that is where God comes to meet us.


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