Vital Organ Project Non Sequitor

Vital Organ Project Non Sequitor

St. Vincent de Paul Parish

time 7:00 pm

February 1, 2018

Feb. 1 – 7pm
Pre-Concert Talk – 6:30pm
Suggested Donation – $10/person

Everything on our program is written by living composers, some of them underrepresented groups (women and non-caucasian composers). Each program will be slightly different as some spaces cannot accommodate certain pieces, but you can look forward to a wide variety of pieces including music for organ and electronics, organ and piano, and one-organ-8-limbs!

Programs pulled from:

excerpts from Wind Songs – Samuel Adler

Fantasia for organ – Eriks Esenvalds

Interludes – Mike Flynn

excerpts from Aspects of Glory – Libby Larsen

Hudson Preludes – Nico Muhly

Meditation – Tyler Pimm

Psalm 39 – Justin Rubin

form reform – Graeme Shields

topographical maps – Graeme Shields