Volunteers Needed for Sheffield Garden Walk

Volunteers Needed for Sheffield Garden Walk

Sheffield & Webster

time 10:00 am

July 21, 2018


July 22, 2018

St. Vincent de Paul Parish will be participating in the 50th annual Sheffield Music Festival & Garden Walk Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22.  We need volunteers for the Food Tent (8 per shift, 4 will be working in the kitchen) and the Beer Tent (12 per shift). Volunteers handling beer or working in the Beer Tent must be at least 21 years old.

As a volunteer, you may sign up for as few, or as many shifts as you would like. Please mark the slots which you would like to volunteer. If you have any questions, please email Gary Scott, Sheffield Garden Walk Volunteer Coordinator at scott.r.gary@gmail.com or call him at (517) 896-7018.

Thank you for your support and service,
The Community Life Commission

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