Vincent’s People

Brother Leo’s “Backdoor Ministry” Helps Define What It Means to Be Vincentian

During the parish’s recent Transformation meetings, the group spoke a lot about what it means to be a Vincentian and how St. Vincent de Paul’s commitment to service denes us as a community. There are many great examples of service occurring around the parish on a daily basis but perhaps none greater than the “Backdoor Ministry” operated by Brother Leo Keigher for the past 40 years.

Prior to entering the Vincentian novitiate in 1962, Brother Leo served two years in the US Army, worked as a bank teller and IBM machine operator. While he was successful in those pursuits, he found that the plan he had for his life wasn’t working, but he believed that God had a plan for him. When asked by his Vincentian superiors about what kind of assignment he would like to have, Brother Leo wrote, “I joined the Vincentians rather than any other community…to imitate the charity and service to the poor which St. Vincent had.”

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