Faith Sharing Groups


This Lent, our small faith groups are embarking on a new Spiritual journey.  Using Bishop Robert Barron’s CATHOLICISM* Study Group, we’ll spend our time together exploring the rich history and theology of our tradition.  Cost is free and open to parishioners of all ages, but they must sign up for a group.  Signups close February 24.

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*CATHOLICISM illustrates the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Catholic Faith in an epic media experience. Viewers will witness a vision of the Catholic Faith that has never before been seen. From the lands of the Bible to the great shrines of Europe, from the heartland of America to the mysteries of Asia and the beating heart of Africa, see the passion and glory of the Faith that claim over 1.1 billion of the earth’s people.


During Lent and again in the fall we hosted GoodNewsPeople, a small faith group program through JustFaith Ministries.  GoodNewsPeople is a dynamic, parish-wide experience that offers a creative way to explore the call of the New Evangelization, while also providing practical meditations and actions to deepen our understanding of the Year of Mercy.  Through an engaging small-group process of prayer, reflection, and action, GoodNewsPeople explores and deepens our call to discipleship. 

Response to GoodNewsPeople was overwhelmingly positive, with participants not only thoroughly enjoying the weekly group meditations, but with group members gathering outside of regular meeting times to attend parish liturgies such as the Reconciliation service on March 9, the Triduum and Easter Masses, as well as enjoying each other’s company at local establishments and at people’s homes. 

“Good News People has been a wonderful opportunity to build a small faith community that engages and supports one another on our individual faith journeys. It has been a challenge that has inspired me to continue my faith journey, and to learn new ways of bringing God into my life each day.”

“My time with Good News People encouraged me to rethink my perspective. Engaging with those in my small group helped me to see in a new way the good that goes on in our community here at St. Vincent’s. The weekly reflections pointed my focus outward to the needs of the larger community and the good people who serve those needs.”

“I found Good News such a warm and welcoming spot in my week. It was a time to reflect on, share, and grow my faith while learning from and getting to know others in our parish. I highly recommend.”