A place to reflect, pray, and honor your loved ones…

We are breaking ground! Our Blessed Mother Tribute Garden will commemorate the 150th anniversary of St. Vincent de Paul Parish.

Personalized bricks are available for parishioners and friends to mark the occasion with a legacy gift. Pavers can memorialize loved ones, celebrate a birth, honor a graduate or pay tribute to other milestones.

Bricks will be placed in preparation for the dedication of our Blessed Mother Tribute Garden next May, 2025. Proceeds from this project support significantly needed capital improvements to our church.

Small Bricks

Small Bricks are 4x8in and can hold up to three lines of text with 13 characters in each line. 

Pricing is $200 per brick

Large Bricks

Large Bricks are 8X8in and can hold up to six lines of text with 13 characters in each line.

Pricing is $500 per brick

To Purchase:

Option 1: fill out the order form below. If you choose to pay by cash or check, please mail in a copy of the order form with payment to:

Robert Beatty
1010 West Webster Ave
Chicago IL 60614

Option 2: if you choose to pay online, please click on the button below.