Liturgical Ministries

St. Vincent de Paul Parish invites you to consider making your Sunday mass more interesting by becoming a Eucharistic Minister, a Lector, and Usher/Greeter, or a Sacristan.  These liturgical ministries bring people together, provide a wonderful way in which to meet others with similar interests, and takes your participation at mass to an entirely different level.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can participate, please contact Suzanne Hannau at

Current liturgical ministers can access the schedule by registering here and then logging in here.

Overview of Liturgical Ministries

Eucharistic Ministers assist with the Mass service in the distribution of the consecrated bread and wine.

Sacristans assist with the Mass service in the preparation of both the altar, and the bread and wine.

Lectors read selected Scripture passages during the Mass service.

Ushers conduct the collection and the offertory procession at the Mass service.

Greeters welcome parishioners and hand out copies of the weekly bulletin before the Mass begins. This is perhaps the easiest way to get involved with the liturgical ministries.

Music Ministry provides music for the Mass services and leads the congregation in song.