Spiritual Life

Numerous programs are hosted throughout the year to assist in formation and spiritual growth. Saint Vincent de Paul Church derives its title and fundamental mission from Saint Vincent, the founder of the Congregation of the Mission, a religious community whose members (Vincentians) established and continue to sponsor the parish. Motivated by the example of St. Vincent, who instilled a love of God by leading his contemporaries in serving urgent human needs, the Vincentian community is above all characterized by ennobling the God-given dignity of each person. This religious personalism is manifested by the members of the community in a sensitivity to and care for the needs of each other, with a special concern for the deprived members of society.

Let us do our duty well; let us go straight to God; let us work to become very humble, very patient, and very charitable.

—St. Vincent de Paul

Weddings and Baptisms

Saint Vincent de Paul Parish celebrates numerous weddings and baptisms throughout the year. Please visit these individual sections for complete information on how to proceed with making these arrangements.



Theology on Tap

Theology on Tap is hosted by Saint Vincent’s every summer and brings together great speakers, socialization, and interesting discussions about contemporary issues of our Catholic faith.  The program was started in Chicago by Father John Cusak and continues to draw a large group of young adults who take the questions and challenges of their faith seriously.  More information about this year’s Theology on Tap at Saint Vincent will be available soon.


We offer the sacrament of reconciliation on Saturday afternoons, from 4:15 PM to 4:50 PM in the Reconciliation Room inside the church.  You may also call the Parish Center to make an appointment.